The Apple User Group Resource Team introduced a new vendor program a few months ago. User group leaders who used our vendor program in the past saw it as a discount offer based program. This aspect of our vendor program still exists. In revitalizing this program, we had one goal. It was to offer user groups presentation resources from vendors to use for meetings. The idea was a “meeting-in-a-box.” The vendor could provide the needed information in print material, online presentations, video tutorials, or remote presentations. So how do you take advantage to the program? This how-to will take you through the process of using the program, working with the vendors in the program and using the resource materials offered.

Identifying a Featured Vendor

Each month, on our Apple User Group Resources(AUGR) home page, we will spotlight a featured vendor. If you click on the link, it will provide your group with information on what the vendor offers. If the vendor has provided tutorial links or online presentation material it will be provided in the post. It will also discuss any leader resources or special discounts that may be offered. Here is a list of some recent featured vendors. Take a look and see what they have to offer:

Noteboom Productions



IGG Software


NFR Copies for Groups

Some vendors may offer Not-for-Resale copies of their software for group leaders. The purpose of this, is so groups using the featured vendor material can demonstrate the software at a user group meeting. This information will be provided in the Featured Vendor post on our site. It may link to a password protected page. Leaders will receive the password to the protected offers and access to NFR request via the monthly Apple User Group Bulletin email list. If you are a group leader and not subscribed to the list please visit our leader resource page to subscribe.

Using the Resource Materials 

Your group may be fortunate enough to have a vendor come to one of your meetings and do a presentation. But with user group spread around the world that is not realistic. In an effort for vendors to help their customers, many have begun designing online materials to offer support. AUGR has asked the featured vendors to provide us links to this material. Again the idea is for user groups to use this material during a meeting presentation to help demonstrate the product.

One of our featured vendors Noteboom provided a custom page for user groups with all the needed information about their product. A meeting presenter can use this page to present the product and show a video demonstration of the product. IGG Software also provided some great tutorial links on their product as well as YouTube links to video demonstrations of their product.

Planning a Meeting

So now it is time to plan a meeting. Take a look at the vendor and see if the material being offered is something that covers an entire meeting or if it can be used for a shorter presentation. Follow these steps to help you have a successful meeting using the Featured Vendor Program from the Apple User Group Resource team.

-Identify featured vendor on AUGR website

-Read post and review product they are offering

-See if Not-for-Resale software is available for presentations and demonstrations

-Review the presentation materials and resources offered by vendor

-Decide how best to present the material or product to your user group

-Decide how long presentation may take

-Provide feedback to the vendor


The Apple User Group Advisory Board would like to hear success stories from groups. If you have used the Featured Vendor Program and would like to share your story with us, email

By Rick Ortiz – Apple User Group Advisory Board