Meeting Topics: How to clean your Apple products

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Need a timely meeting topic?

Your members may be newly interested in ways to clean their devices, and Apple has the answer. Be sure to check out Apple Support’s How to clean your Apple products page. From using safe products to the right techniques, your members can learn how to clean and disinfect notebooks, desktops, iOS devices, peripherals, accessories, cases, and more.

Ambassadors, April is a great time to use Apple Support articles.

A Blast from the Past: Apple User Group Connection

Want to take a look at the early days of Apple User Groups? The Apple Wiki has a collection of early Apple User Group Connection videos. This month’s link offers a young Wozniak, a look at MIDI when it was a new technology, and a reminder that even in the beginning Apple was at the forefront of assistive technologies. From a discussion of new technologies to award winning student projects and more, the videos truly are a fun blast from the past.

See what the User Group Connection was doing in 1987:

Apple User Group Connection – 1987

Meeting Ideas: Remove Duplicate Photos and Other iPhone Tips

Looking for a quick meeting presentation that provides new tips for real-world use of your members’ iPhones? For learning how your iPhone can recognize specific sounds, to removing duplicate photos and more, You can be sure that each member will leave your meeting with at least one technique that they will actually use.


Meeting Ideas: M2 Pro and M2 Max



You and your members may have noticed a set of quiet announcements on January 17th: Apple released the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros featuring M2 Pro and M2 Max. Fast? Amazingly so. But wait, of course there’s more: a new Mac mini, supercharged by M2 and the all-new M2 Pro.

If you are interested in talking with your members about the announcements, there’s video and supporting documentation that could make for a great meeting. 


Meeting Idea: Apple Music Sing

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Looking for a fun meeting idea? Most people enjoy singing along to their favorite music in the car or shower, but Apple Music Sing brings a clever twist to engaging with your favorite songs using your iPhone, iPad, or new Apple TV 4K, with real-time lyrics and adjustable vocals, you can sing lead, backup, or even duets. Your members can even sing along. 

Apple Music Sing will be available by the end of December, just in time for a January 2023 meeting. 

Check it out.

Apple Newsroom : Apple Music Sing

Meeting Idea: Give Freeform a Try

Apple Peek PerformanceHave your members asked about Freeform, the new free Apple app that helps users see, share, and collaborate on an infinite virtual whiteboard? Released on December 13, Apple includes the free app with the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. It can even be used while you are on a FaceTime call.

Freeform could make for a fun and interactive meeting activity.

Check it out!

Apple Support on YouTube – How to Use Freeform

Apple Press Release About Freeform


There’s a Feature for That: Apple’s Innovative Accessibility Features

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Remember the first time you heard, “there’s an app for that”? Those apps helped you customize your devices so they suited your needs and your tastes. Well, the new catch phrase is, “There’s a feature for that: stay connected in every way, your way.” Whether your members are interested in ways to enhance their mobility, hearing, vision, cognitive abilities, or more, there are features that can bring what your members need in easy-to-use and intuitive ways.

Better yet, there are new features on the horizon that are simply amazing.

Check it out:






There’s more to come!

Meeting Idea: Get to Know Your Mac – Skills Sessions

Dave Mara, Senior Systems Engineer for Apple and beloved user group favorite is known for his entertaining and insightful presentations covering digital multimedia, internet technologies, accessibility and Mac/PC integration. He recently posted a link to a series of two-part sessions that will offer productivity and navigation tips your members will enjoy and use. Sessions run from January 18-February 23, so one session, or a pair, could be a great meeting idea.

Learn more.

Get to Know Your Mac

Thanks Dave!

Meeting Idea: GarageBand v10.4.4

When GarageBand was introduced in 2004 it was amazing! Mac users could record up to 8 tracks at once, fix timing and pitch, view and edit in musical notation, and so much more. Who could have imagined the 2021 version? GarageBand v10.4.4 for macOS is a whole music creation studio right inside your Mac—with a complete sound library that includes software instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and virtual session drummers. Better yet, is runs on your current Mac and optimized for Apple silicon. But wait, there’s more: GarageBand v10.4.4 for macOS includes a new collection of instrument sounds and loops across a variety of genres, including from some of the world’s top producers.

Why not plan a meeting around GarageBand v10.4.4? 

GarageBand for Mac – First Look (L544712A-en_US) 

Ambassadors, November is a great month to check out ASW.