International User Group Regional Liaisons

International Apple User Group Regional Liaisons are group leaders who run successful user groups in their respective country or continent. As volunteers, they have made themselves available to help groups in their areas of responsibility thrive. They also network with groups in their regions and keep Apple informed on local needs.

collChristian Coll – Canada
A native of Vancouver Island, Christian has been dealing with Macs since 1998, when he completed university and jumped into the computer business. Starting with educational sales, Christian moved into business and retail Mac sales until 2003, with a brief break to take multimedia training in 2000-2001. In 2000 he also started Alias Media and Support. Today, Christian is self employed full time as a Mac trainer and computer support professional. Christian has been President of the Victoria Mac User Group for two years, a job he loves.

Franco Giménez – Latin America
Born in Bell Ville (Córdoba), Argentina, Franco is the founder of Citricox, a digital marketing agency based in city of Córdoba, Argentina. From LatinMUG he acts as the liaison between the different Macintosh User Groups (MUG) in Latin America, with the objective of improving relations between members and to promote the growth of the community. Franco is also a technology columnist writing articles for different media outlets in his region. He has served as liaison since 2006.

moffattGraeme Moffatt – New Zealand, Australia, and Oceania
Graeme is secretary and past president of the Wellington Mac User Group (New Zealand). He started with an Apple II plus in 1984, moved to a Mac Plus in 1989, and joined his user group in 1993. He has been an active member of the committee since 1995. In his “spare time” he maintains the New Zealand Mac Groups web site, where he works with user groups all over the region. He runs his own desktop publishing business and works on tourist-related videos and DVDs.

pougeoiseAlain Pougeoise – Northern Europe
Alain is a senior executive by day and is also the honorary president and founder of InterMac and co-founder of MacEurope, a network for European Apple User Group leaders. A father of two, Alain lives in Lambersart, the suburbs of Lille in the North of France and has been using the Mac since the days of the Mac Plus.

mishimaChise Tejima – Japan
Chise is a professional graphic designer and works as a designer and web Ticce. art, a multimedia and web solutions corporation based in Osaka, Japan. She received advanced training in graphic design and fine art while attending university in Canada. Chise is an active member of the Kinki Mac Users Group (KMUG) executive team in Osaka and often gives popular presentations on design, DTP, and the development of winning websites.