Apple User Group Advisory Board

The Apple User Group Advisory Board is a diverse group of leaders chosen by Apple to provide feedback and to represent the user group community. UGAB members have also volunteered to organize and create extensive programs, events and resources that benefit the entire user group community.

International User Group Regional Liaisons

International Apple User Group Regional Liaisons are group leaders who run successful user groups in their respective country or continent. As volunteers, they have made themselves available to help groups in their areas of responsibility thrive. They also network with groups in their regions and keep Apple informed on local needs.

User Group Support Team

The User Group Support Team (formerly Apple User Group Regional Liaisons) offer worldwide support to User Groups Leaders. The team brings years of experience from their local user groups to assist in a wide range of group support needs. If you are a user group leader seeking support, our team is ready to help you.

Pro and Online Groups

Some Apple User Groups offer a specialized focus or meeting experience. These liaisons can assist these groups with their unique needs.