AWUGU Meeting Report about AUGs and ChatGPT

by Tom Piper, Coordinator

This Apple World User Group University online gathering of Apple user group leaders was held at 5:00pm CDST, on March 20, 2023, via Zoom. We had 36 participants for “AUGs and ChatGPT” (see attached JPG image and PDF attendance list). The 85-minute video can be viewed at (unlisted on YouTube).

This session opened with my welcome, plus a quick review of the meeting protocols. Doug Smith, Chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board (AUGAB) provided backup support during the call. (more…)

Macstock VII: Launch Party and July Fun

If you have participated in a Macstock gathering you know why fans look forward to meeting each year. Great sessions, fun events, and wonderful company: who could ask for more?

With the pandemic, Macstock saw a few years of virtual Macstock events. The good news is that Macstock will be back again on July 22 & 2rd. The details are to be worked out, but n the meantime  there is Macstock VII Launch Party scheduled for the 27th.

Be there.

Macstock VII Launch Party

Can’t be there? Check out the MacStock YouTube channel.

Macstock YouTube Channel

LACPUG: Tom Cross, Jason Bowdach, and More

LACPUGThe 6,000+ member strong LA Creative Pro community will hold their next meeting on February 22 at the Gallery Theater in Hollywood. And, the meeting looks like another amazingly useful one. The program includes Academy Award winning editor Tom Cross and colorist Jason Bowdach, whose credits include feature films, broadcast television, and streaming platforms.

Still not sure? Stump the Gurus and the World Famous Raffle will be part of the evening’s entertainment.  (more…)

Meeting Ideas: Remove Duplicate Photos and Other iPhone Tips

Looking for a quick meeting presentation that provides new tips for real-world use of your members’ iPhones? For learning how your iPhone can recognize specific sounds, to removing duplicate photos and more, You can be sure that each member will leave your meeting with at least one technique that they will actually use.


A Blast from the Past: Apple User Group Connection

Want to take a look at the early days of Apple User Groups? The Apple Wiki has a collection of early Apple User Group Connection videos. This month’s link offers a young Wozniak, a look at MIDI when it was a new technology, and a reminder that even in the beginning Apple was at the forefront of assistive technologies. From a discussion of new technologies to award winning student projects and more, the videos truly are a fun blast from the past.

See what the User Group Connection was doing in 1987:

Apple User Group Connection – 1987

Good News from Steve Welsh: OMUG Leaders’ Summit Returns

You may remember the famous You Don’t Know Mac (YDKM) events, with their fun (and highly-competitive) competitions. For years YDKM was a mobile event, hosted in a different MUG town each year. Why was it famous? Well, the first few years saw keynote speakers that included Steve Wozniak, Garr Reynolds, Guy Kawasaki, and Andy Ihnatko. Well, there are plans for a possible Leader’s Summit this year. 

Check out Steve Welsh’s good news:

From Steve Welsh – The OMUG Leaders Summit to Return


AWUGU Meeting Report about Security Provisions by Tom Piper

AWUGU Meeting Report about Security Provisions

by Tom Piper, Coordinator

This Apple World User Group University online gathering of Apple user group leaders was held at 5:00pm CDST, on January 16, 2023, via Zoom. We had 41 participants for the topics of CES Report and “AUG Security Provisions” (see attached JPG image and PDF attendance list). The 75-minute video can be viewed at on YouTube). (more…)

Randy B. Singer of MacAttorney: Free Macintosh Software

Randy Singer, leader of the 9.000+ member strong MacAttorney User Group, co-author of multiple editions of the well-loved Macintosh Bible, author of the ABA’s The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office, writer of the MacAttorney Newsletter, and popular presenter, offers a look at popular Free Macintosh Software on his popular MacAttorney site. A while back he updated the list to ensure compatibility with 64-bit and his excellent curation ensures that the list stays current. 

Check it out!

Blast From the Past: The Original Macintosh Team

A few years ago Tony Vitale of the Long Island Mac Users Group (LIMAC) and TalkMacTech posted a link to unseen footage with interviews of Andy Hertzfeld, Mike Murray, Burrell Smith, Bill Atkinson, Susan Kare, and George Crow. These mini-interviews were recorded in October of 1983 for possible use in Macintosh commercials.

Remember how you fell in love with your first Mac? Andy and the team clearly loved these machines too.

Proposed Commercials featuring Mac team Members in October 1983, Full Demo Reel

Long Island Macintosh Users Group:

Thanks Tony!