Portland Mac


For as long as there have been user groups, there have been helpful members who generously donate their skills and time to help others learn. Long before Apple Stores had their Genius desks and red phones, quite a few groups held Members Helping Members clinics, often on a Saturday afternoon, where folk could get their issues resolved and their questions answered. Due to the pandemic and other issues, many clinics closed. Still, there are groups that do a wonderful job of providing help, either by listing phone numbers of member-experts for various topics or running clinics online.

For example, PMUG, Portland’s Mac Users Group, runs a wonderful weekly PMUG Clinic via Zoom and publicizes it in their newsletter and meetings. What a great way to help the community and show potential members the value of membership!

Does your group help members outside of meetings? If not, why not consider a Zoom Clinic 🙂

Hats off to President Charles DeVore and the officers and members of PMUG.

Portland Macintosh Users Group

Example of Portland Mug’s weekly clinic page.

(Thanks to Steve Welsh for sharing this tip!)