Good News from Steve Welsh: OMUG Leaders’ Summit Returns

You may remember the famous You Don’t Know Mac (YDKM) events, with their fun (and highly-competitive) competitions. For years YDKM was a mobile event, hosted in a different MUG town each year. Why was it famous? Well, the first few years saw keynote speakers that included Steve Wozniak, Garr Reynolds, Guy Kawasaki, and Andy Ihnatko. Well, there are plans for a possible Leader’s Summit this year. 

Check out Steve Welsh’s good news:

From Steve Welsh – The OMUG Leaders Summit to Return


AWUGU Meeting Report about Security Provisions by Tom Piper

AWUGU Meeting Report about Security Provisions

by Tom Piper, Coordinator

This Apple World User Group University online gathering of Apple user group leaders was held at 5:00pm CDST, on January 16, 2023, via Zoom. We had 41 participants for the topics of CES Report and “AUG Security Provisions” (see attached JPG image and PDF attendance list). The 75-minute video can be viewed at on YouTube). (more…)

Randy B. Singer of MacAttorney: Free Macintosh Software

Randy Singer, leader of the 9.000+ member strong MacAttorney User Group, co-author of multiple editions of the well-loved Macintosh Bible, author of the ABA’s The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office, writer of the MacAttorney Newsletter, and popular presenter, offers a look at popular Free Macintosh Software on his popular MacAttorney site. A while back he updated the list to ensure compatibility with 64-bit and his excellent curation ensures that the list stays current. 

Check it out!

Blast From the Past: The Original Macintosh Team

A few years ago Tony Vitale of the Long Island Mac Users Group (LIMAC) and TalkMacTech posted a link to unseen footage with interviews of Andy Hertzfeld, Mike Murray, Burrell Smith, Bill Atkinson, Susan Kare, and George Crow. These mini-interviews were recorded in October of 1983 for possible use in Macintosh commercials.

Remember how you fell in love with your first Mac? Andy and the team clearly loved these machines too.

Proposed Commercials featuring Mac team Members in October 1983, Full Demo Reel

Long Island Macintosh Users Group:

Thanks Tony!

User Group Ideas to Use: PMUG’s Clinics on Zoom

Apple User Groups text


For as long as there have been user groups, there have been helpful members who generously donate their skills and time to help others learn. Long before Apple Stores had their Genius desks and red phones, quite a few groups held Members Helping Members clinics, often on a Saturday afternoon, where folk could get their issues resolved and their questions answered. Due to the pandemic and other issues, many clinics closed. Still, there are groups that do a wonderful job of providing help, either by listing phone numbers of member-experts for various topics or running clinics online.

For example, PMUG, Portland’s Mac Users Group, runs a wonderful weekly PMUG Clinic via Zoom and publicizes it in their newsletter and meetings. What a great way to help the community and show potential members the value of membership!

Did your group give up on clinics during the pandemic? If so, why not consider a Zoom Clinic 🙂

Hats off to President Charles DeVore and the officers and members of PMUG.

Portland Macintosh Users Group

(Thanks to Steve Welsh for sharing this tip!)

Meeting Idea: Fun Photos and Graphics

apple support

Art, illustration, and photography have been part of the user group community from the start. In Creative Pro groups, software-specific groups, and SIGs for photography or animation, professional skills are often emphasized. Still, sometimes your members just want to have fun, creating their own Memoji or an alter-ego that brings a smile. (more…)

Nicholas Pyers Presents: End of Year Tasks for User Group Members

Nicholas Pyers

Nicholas Pyers

Many groups do not meet from late December to early January, but there are things you can do while your group is on hiatus. Nicholas Pyers, leader and popular presenter from, offers thoughts on ways to thank those who have served your community in the past year and ways to plan ahead for an even better year ahead for your group and members.

Taking his advice regarding thanking those who have made our user group experience better, we’d like to say thank you to Nicholas for his many articles over many years. We look forward to taking his advice on planning for the year to come and thank him for all of the expertise and wonderful resources he has provided over the years.

Nicholas Pyers is known for, the Apple Users Spotlight, his clever puzzles, and long-time championship of all things Mac.

Learn more at:

AWUGU Meeting Report about SIGs by Tom Piper

Tom Piper

AWUGU Meeting Report about SIGs

by Tom Piper, Coordinator


This Apple World User Group University online gathering of Apple user group leaders was held at 5:00pm CDST, on November 21, 2022, via Zoom. We had 30 participants for the topic of AUG Special Interest Groups. The 78-minute video can be viewed at (unlisted on YouTube).

This session opened with my welcome, plus a quick review of the meeting protocols. Doug Smith, Chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board (AUGAB) provided backup support during the call.

The first segment was a presentation by Steve Welsh (The Oregon MacPioneers User Group) describing the many aspects of and opportunities for SIGs. Many questions and comments followed. His Tips for Success were welcomed by many as excellent ways to build SIGs in Apple User Groups.

Next was a discussion by Susan Jensen (President, Apple Users’ Society of Melbourne [AUSOM]) about their extensive set of all-day Saturday Special Interest Groups in hourly break-out rooms. Many questions and responses were then exchanged, and thanks provided for describing their wide array of SIG opportunities.