Your members have privacy concerns and a privacy and security meeting topic could be a hit. Apple builds in privacy at every level to help users keep their information secure. From Passkeys that can replace passwords with an easier and safer sign-in method, to Intelligent Tracking Prevention, Privacy Report to Password monitoring, Social widget tracking prevention, Fingerprinting defense, Private Browsing, Location fuzzing, Random identifiers, end-to-end encryption, and so much more, privacy is an integral part of the Apple ecosystem.

Start your meeting with the clever Privacy on iPhone video and go from there:

Privacy on iPhone

Apple Privacy Features

Learn how to prevent cross-site tracking in Safari on Mac.

Control cross-site tracking

Help your members learn how to increase mail privacy on iPhone.

Use Mail Privacy Protection on iPhone

The Privacy Labels home page brings privacy labels for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps together in one place.

Apple Privacy Labels

And, starting with Privacy Controls, there is so much more

You are in Control of your Data

2023 – Powerful new privacy and security features

Apple’s YouTube Channel and Apple Privacy can make for a great meeting!