prosoft Back when the Mac was new, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. was developing for the Mac ecosystem. In fact, for almost 30 years Prosoft has licensed many technologies to Apple, including disk utilities, plug-and-play drivers, and CD burning, password protection and disk image mounting software, while selling beloved products to loyal Mac users. The company’s longevity is due, in part, to their software reliability, product innovations and a very loyal end-user community: when a file is lost or corrupted, users know that the current version of  Data Rescue is usually the best answer.

Sooner or later it happens to almost every computer user: a file is corrupt or lost, a drive won’t mount, a system crashes.  Sometimes it is a matter of a user error: data may be lost due to an inadvertently trashed file, erased hard drive, or reformatting.  For this reason, Prosoft’s products provide prevention and repair for a wide range of drives and files. Data Rescue 4 can save the day when loss occurs. Drive Genius 3 for Mac can make hard drive maintenance and management painless and efficient. Picture Rescue 2 offers digital picture and video recovery.

Loss happens – with Prosoft products, data loss prevention and recovery is always at hand.

As December’s Featured Vendor, Prosoft is offering discounts for members and offers for groups. Be sure to check out this month’s offers for details.

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