Founded by Ian G. Gillespie (IGG), IGG Software is a small company with a focus on creating applications for Apple desktop and mobile devices that help users pay their bills, manage their money and plan for their futures.

iBank 5 offers a comprehensive way to plan, compare and manage your financial well being, including tracking and analyzing your accounts and investments, simplifying your transactions, visualizing your finances, and supporting your tax and investment activities. Click for MORE information.

IGG is our first Featured Vendor, offering User Group Leaders meeting and presentation materials, an NFR copy for your presentation, and a discount for members. IGG resource information is provided below for user groups.

User Group Leader NFR Request: 

email: media AT (please type in email manually to request NFR copy). You must provide your user group name, your name, position in group, and when you plan to present at your meeting.

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Twitter: @IGGsoftware

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