With the update to iOS 9 and some cool new features of the Apple Watch, we thought it would be a good time to recap two great how-to articles that can help your user group when presenting iOS and the Apple Watch. Also with the new AppleTV on the horizon, this is a great chance to get you setup for the perfect user group presentation.

In October 2014, we posted an article on presenting iOS at user group meetings. The article focused on hardware solutions using either cable connections or wireless solutions using AirPlay technology. We also took a look at some third party software that would turn your computer into an AirPlay station to allow you to share your iOS screen onto a computer screen. The appleJac User Group in Jefferson City, Missouri shared a portable setup design they used for their meetings integrating the technologies discussed in the how-to article.

This past summer we also offered a how-to on presenting the Apple Watch at User Group meetings. We took a look at a few hardware mount options using the iPhone as the camera device. Along with setting up the hardware, we took a look at the software, using Apple’s own QuickTime technology.

Take a moment to look at these articles and happy presenting!

How-to: iOS Presentation

How-To: Apple Watch Presentation