Since Apple introduced the Apple Watch, many members are eager to know more about the basics. Most groups are used to presenting on a projector or flat screen television. In a previous how-to, we discussed how to present iOS at user group meetings. But the Apple Watch does not have any built in features that easily allow us to share the screen interface. So, how do you present the Apple Watch then? With some new hardware and software tools, along with some previous tools, we will get you prepared for presenting and showing off the Apple Watch at your user group meetings.


The RAM Mount and stand mounted to a table

The RAM Mount and stand mounted to a table

Obviously you will have to have an Apple Watch for your presentation. But holding up your wrist to the audience just will not cut it. They want to see it up close. We will assume since you will be presenting an Apple Watch, you have access to the iPhone it is paired with. For ease of use and access to available hardware, we will be using the iPhone camera to assist us. Holding the iPhone in one hand to use the camera to show the Apple Watch is just not feasible. So we are going to need an iPhone mount and stand to help us out. RAM Mounts and Studio Neat have some great products that will help you with this setup.

RAM Mount applications are typically designed for car use, but the suction cup mount works great on tables as well. Studio Neat offers the GLIF, which is an adjustable mount with a tripod adapter built into it. Using a mount and tripod may give you more flexibility and adjustability in positioning the camera and watch, while a low level mount will allow you to have your Apple Watch closer to the camera.

GLIF mounted to a tripod

GLIF mounted to a tripod


Now that we have our hardware setup, we need to get our software setup on our devices. Again, now is a good time to review our “How to present iOS at user group meetings” article, as we will be focusing on using Apple’s AirPlay wireless technology. If you have upgraded your Mac computer to Yosemite we will also discuss a new wired option using QuickTime software.

AirPlay- With our iPhone mounted and our Apple Watch and wrist in position, we are ready to show off the watch. Using AirPlay technology, we can share our iPhone screen wirelessly to an AppleTV or computer (using third party software). Once you have AirPlay screen sharing on, we need an iOS application to show the watch. We are going to use the iPhone Camera app for this. It is ideal to place the camera mode into one of the video modes to remove the grid lines from using the photo option. You will also want to go into the iPhone Settings > General > Auto Lock and turn that off as well, or your phone may shut off during the presentation. You are now setup to present using AirPlay and the iPhone camera application.

QuickTime- OS X Yosemite introduced a new feature allowing you to capture your iOS device screen on your computer using the USB connection cable to your iOS device and Apple’s QuickTime Player software. This option will not only allow you to present, but record the presentation as well.

QT screen record

Select your device from control window

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with your USB connection cable
Step 2. Open QuickTime Player application
Step 3. From the QuickTime file menu, select New Movie Recording
Step 4. A new window will open. Click the disclosure triangle next to the record button to select your iPhone camera device
Step 5. You will now see your iPhone screen on your computer via the QuickTime Player.
Step 6. Put QuickTime Player into full screen mode for optimal screen viewing pleasure

Position your watch and iPhone to desired layout and you are ready to present.

Connected and ready to present

Connected and ready to present

Using one of the available options, now you are ready to present the Apple Watch to your user group members. Some tips and pointers to help you have a successful meeting. Give yourself enough time to test your equipment prior to your meeting, and make sure everything works smoothly. Since you may be preoccupied with at least one arm out of commission, having an extra set of hands available to help you out is a plus. Make sure your batteries on your devices are charged. It is no fun doing a presentation and having your Apple Watch or iPhone shut down on you.

If you have any great tips or success stories related to this how-to article or have other user group success stories you would like to share, send us an email. You can find other great User Group Leader How-to Article on our website.