Many times at User Group meetings, the presenter may take time to let members ask questions or seek out tech tips or support. User Group Ambassador Rick Lantz of the Maui Apple User Society took a new view on the Q&A sessions, and decided to do a “How did they do that?” session at his meeting and show some hidden and unknown features of macOS and iOS. Below is his presentation material regarding iOS. User Group Leaders, feel free to use this material and demonstrate at your meetings. Click more to see video and meeting material:

iOS Tips by Rick Lantz

Searching iOS
Find & Open Apps Fast and Easy
Pull down from any “Home” Screen and type name
Note: Siri may already know what you are looking for…
If you are on the 1st Home screen just swipe Right to Left then tap again to type.
Or, just use Siri by pressing and holding Home button and say open Health App.

Health App
Emergency (EMT) professionals use it to look up contact information.
Swipe to unlock iPhone, Tap Emergency – show info
How to setup: Open Health, Tap Medical ID, Create

Quick Change between Apps
Double tap home button to see last used app
Switch from one app to another back in-forth
Open Safari, Open Mail
Double hit home button takes you back the last app opened.

Did you know to can respond to email and push the draft out of the way.
Hit reply, type something, then pull down on the message.
Go back review the original email or another and then pull up to get back to draft.
New Tip: Sign email pdf and return.
Open an email that has a PDF attachment.
Tap on pdf to open and then click on Toolbox
Tap (+) to Add a signature.
Resize and place in location, hit done

Using Tabs
Tap on Tabs now remove any old tabs or Move them order of content
Need to keep but add new hit (+)
Bring back old tab press and hold (+)
How to autofill you passwords that you used on the Mac
Go to website on your iPhone, then click autofill

Where Are You?, What’s the Elevation? or Coordinates?
Open Compass, Notice coordinates and elevation
Lock your Heading by taping anywhere
Tap on coordinates to send to someone. This opens Map and then send.