appleIn a little over a two weeks Apple will have its 40th anniversary. Whenever you stepped into the Apple stream, something amazing was happening. The survey found groups who were there from the start (sometimes a little before) and one group that had Andy Herzfeld and Woz as founding members! AUSOM noted that they currently have over 600 members: 62 members who have had continual membership since they joined in the 1980s. And 145 who joined in the 1990s.

Here are groups who have been meeting continuously for 30 to 40 years. Wow!

Mause                                               1976

Mini’app’les                                       1978

Washington Apple Pi                         1978

Maryland Apple Corps                       1978

DuPage Apple User Group                1979

Brasil Apple Clube                             1979

AppleSiders of Cincinnati                  1979

AUSOM (Apple Users’ Society of
Melbourne)                                        1980

A.C.T. Apple Users Group in the
Australian Capital Territory,
Canberra, Australia                           1981

Sierra Nevada Apple User Group     1981

Stichting Klokhuis                               1982

Diablo Valley Mac User Group, Inc.        1982                                 1982

Bear Canyon Apple User Group        1984

NCMUG                                                  1984

Long Island Macintosh Users Group      1984

appleJAC                                               1984

MUG ONE                                              1985

Club Macintosh de l’Estrie                1985

Dallas Mac Users Group                   1985

MacNexus                                             1985