apple In a little over a two weeks Apple will have its 40th anniversary. Whenever you stepped into the Apple stream, something amazing was happening. An amazing variety of groups responded to our survey, from the Netherlands to Australia, and from folk who had been continuous members for more than 40 years to founders who started their groups 7 years ago.

Here are groups who have been meeting continuously for more than 20 years. Congrats!

Annapolis Apple Slice                                   1986

Saginaw Macintosh Users Group                  1986

MacinTech Computer Users Group, Inc.     1987

Campbell Seniors Computer Users
Group (CSCUG)                                          1989

Suburban Chicago Apple Users
(formerly The Northwest of Us)                       1991

Die Rheintaler Macintosh User Group           1991

Ocala Macintosh User Group (OMUG)        1991

Adobe Technology Exchange of
Southern California                                      1991

Boise Macintosh Users Group                     1992

Desert MUG                                                1996

WoodwardMUG                                           1996