On April 15, 2004, eight years and eight months ago, Tom Piper took over responsibility for all vendor offers published in the Apple User Group Bulletin, later providing all of the offers that ran on the Apple User Group Resources Blog.

Tom had been busy in the user group community for many years prior to wearing the Vendor Wizard hat: he founded appleJAC MUG in 1984 and served as its president for well over 20 years. He had been appointed as one of the Apple User Group Program’s Regional Liaisons in 2003, and later served as Advisory Board Chair for two years. During those 8.6 Vendor Wizard years, Tom was responsible for providing the raffle items enjoyed at UGU, UGLC, the User Group Ice Cream Social and more, all for user group attendees at Macworld.

In November, Tom stepped down from his vendor responsibilities, focusing on new Advisory Board projects.

Thanks for many, many years of wonderful offers and even better memories, Tom!

tom From your colleagues on the User Group Advisory Board, Apple’s User Group Program and members of the user group community.