Have you ever wondered why some videos are amazing while others feel like traditional family vacation shots or why some podcasts feel like they were made by professionals, even though the podcasters are using simple equipment from a spare corner in their homes? If so, your group might enjoy sessions from Today at Apple. Better yet, Apple has resumed on-site sessions in some locations. So, your group is able to either attend a virtual session or, in some locations, an on-site presentation.

What’s on offer? Art Lab: Playful Portraits, where attendees can learn how to transform an everyday photo into a work of art. Recording Techniques with iPhone, where attendees can learn simple techniques, including how to control exposure or set focus, and explore new ways to record video. And, there is Photo Walk: Taking Portraits on Location, where attendees can learn how to capture people in their environment with iPhone. Practice with interesting backdrops, work with Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting, and find flattering angles for your members’ subjects.

Prefer learning about podcasting? Check out Music Skills: Getting Started with Podcasting.

Last but not least, maybe consider a photo contest for your members. Check out the winners of Apple’s recent Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge:

Winning photos from the Shot on an iPhone Macro Challenge

Whether your sessions are remote or on-site, Today at Apple offers techniques to help you make your projects shine.