Within minutes, group members around the world responded to the news of Steve Job’s death. Many were heartbroken and many expressed gratitude for the wonderful ride we have had under his leadership, from the first Apple to this week’s iOS5 and more.  Some found themselves explaining why the death of someone we might have met only a few times (or never) hit as hard as the death of a beloved family member.

In the first two hours, as I heard comments from Pam Haughwout Borys (MacWoburn), David Berg (Philadelphia Power Book Users Group), Lorene Romero (NCMUG), Magnus Nystedt (Emirates Mac), Asam Bashir (caMMac), Graeme Moffatt (Apple User group Regional Liaison for Oceania), Del Messier (SMUG), Gail Murphy (Wired Women), Gary Kampel (Apple User Group Liaison, SE Region), Chris Bastian (LiMac), Elsa Travisano (MUG ONE), Lynn Wegley (UGNN),  John Buono (Mountain View Computer Users Group), the publicity team at AUSOM, and so many more, I realized that Steve not only gave us remarkable products, but he also gave us each other. Saying thanks is so little to repay so much. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet says, “Taken for all in all, [We] shall not see his like again.”

Thank you Steve


(photo composed of thousands of messages of thanks and condolences)