woz-and-jobs-working-on-the-apple-ii-in-their-garage-in-mountain-view-claifornia-1-january-1976-pic-apple-computerHas your group been meeting for many years? Does your group have a member or members who have participated for an amazingly long time? In light of this year’s 40th Apple anniversary, we are looking for long-standing groups and long-time members, so that we can feature these groups and members in the March edition of Apple’s User Group Bulletin and the Apple User Group Resources blog.

Your group may have started in 1976 with the first Apple, or it may have started in the ’60s as a computer enthusiast club or a technology group. Maybe yours was a Heath Kit chapter or an amateur radio club in the ’50s? Perhaps your group began as a creative pro group in the 1990s. Let us know. 

User Group Anniversary Survey

Survey closes on March 12 and is limited to the first 100 responses.