As our digital community expands, groups are often left with a quandary: do their current names and missions reflect current-day experiences and practices? Some answer the question by changing their names to match their group’s expanded interests. For example, the members of Mad Mac in Madison, Wisconsin, are holding a contest in order to select a new name that reflects “the wider array of products and services offered by Apple.”

Others may widen their missions. For example, the Boston Final Cut Pro group (BOSFCPUG) became the Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG) in order to encompass the wide range of technologies that are part of the video editor’s toolkit.

Many groups seem to be offering an equal number of iOS presentations and Mac presentations, with a few concentrating far more on iOS devices. How is your group changing as our devices change? Has your membership changed? Your mission? Your group’s name?

Share your thoughts.

(Thanks much to Richard Russell of Mac Mac for news of the Mad Mac contest.)

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