On February 21, the officers and members of SF Cutters will host a stellar group of speakers, including Chris Fenwick discussing FCPX Editing iPhone Movies – on the Spot Editing, Jeff Foster discussing Adobe After Effects and Gary Chen discussing “Blue Jelly” Music Video, which was made in FCP6, with CG done in AE CS5.

But wait, there’s more! Mike Woodworth: CEO Divergent Media, creator of Scopebox and ClipWrap is sponsoring the evening’s Goat Hill pizza and is contributing to the evening’s raffle. As always, the SF Cutter’s raffles are amazing.

As of press time, this one includes: an ArtBeats $500 gift certificate, a DigiEffects Damage and Delerium Combo License, a license for Divergent Media ClipWrap, a license for Divergent Media Scopebox, a License for Imagineer’s Mocha Pro v3, two Larry Jordan Webinars Gift Certificates and Larry Jordan Subscriptions Gift Certificates, a gift from NoiseIndustries, a Block Pop effects pack that includes 23 customizable transitions that break the outgoing clip into blocks while revealing the next clip, two Pond $100 Gift Certificates, a Taylor and Francis book, Video2Brain Training Certificates and more.

Add in opportunities to meet with table sponsors and network with like-minded creatives, and this will be another meeting to remember.

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