Nicholas Pyers is known for, the Apple Users Spotlight, his clever puzzles and long-time championship of all things Mac. His most recent project is titled “Working with Presenters,” a topic of value to groups world wide. There are three installments in the series so far, with more to come.

The most-recent article is titled “Working with Presenters on the Night”

The first two articles covered “Approaching Potential Presenters” and “Confirming Presenters.”

Better Yet, the most-recent Apple Users Spotlight is available for download, containing articles on:

  • AKVIS Coloriage
  • AppZapper – How do I uninstall Apple software if there is no option for this?
  • Yoink
  • Setting-up a new Mac from an old Mac or its Backups
  • Opt Out of Advertising
  • Flashback Malware on Macs – what you can do to reduce this threat
  • Tagging as you go
  • Quick iPad Tips
  • QuickTime Format Extender Perian to Cease Development
  • Reunion 10 – Offers Better Genealogical Overviews, Web Search
  • Change Default Search Engine in Safari on iPad to Bing, Yahoo! or Google
  • Introducing the Bookle EPUB Reader
  • Apples are not just computers – now Apples control a host of other devices.
  • New Bento 4 for iPad
  • Podcasts App Breaks Podcasts out of Music App
  • News from Apple
  • Nicholas’ Dashboard
  • Spotlight Contest #18
  • iPad Magic – Music, Podcasts & TV Shows
  • Spotlight Cooks – Apple Dessert/Cake
  • Book Reviews

and much, much more.

Download the newest Apple User Spotlight is a central gathering spot for the leaders of Australian Apple User Groups.

(Thanks to founder and editor Nicholas Pyers for making these resources available to the community!)