Many groups have moved online during the pandemic, only to find that the move brought some great benefits as well as a number of challenges. The Naples MacFriends User Group has been running successful online meetings and half-day training classes on Zoom, and have now opened registration for their classes to members of other groups. The cost is modest and their classes have had great reviews. Better yet, all registrants receive a complete set of notes prior to each class, a link to a recording of the class, and even a discount for multiple classes.

Follow this special log in process to register:

When you click on the link below to -CLASS REGISTRATION– you will be taken to a new page for access.
Please enter the word-classes-in the top blank field.
No password is required.
Click-SIGN IN. Then follow the instructions to choose your classes.
You will receive an invoice from PayPal in your email to pay for your selections.
No PayPal account is required. You may use a credit or debit card to pay if you wish.

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