It can be hard to make every meeting and sometimes the best meetings are the ones we miss. George Rubin, V.P. of the Naples MacFriends User Group has a solution that benefits both his own group and other interested groups as well: he records each group meeting and posts it on YouTube.

Want to see Derrick Story’s iPhoto and Aperture preso., Jason Snell’s discussion of OS X Mavericks, Joe Kissell’s take on passwords, learn more about 1Password Presentation or catch Adam Engst’s guidance on current technology? They are all on YouTube courtesy of George and the group. What a neat idea!

President Jerry King provided a link to the full set of videos on offer.

Learn about Naples MacFriends.

Here are some links to individual past presentations.

Enjoy Derrick Story’s October 30th remote presentation on iPhoto and Aperature.

Watch Jason Snell’s September 18th. remote presentation on OSX Mavericks.


(Thanks to Nicholas Pyers, Founder & Publisher at, and V.P. George Rubin for this tip!)