Steve Welsh of Oregon’s MacPioneers reports that the June 16 TidBITS presentation covering the sunset of MobileMe on June 30th is now available on YouTube.

Check it out at:

TidBITS publisher and long-time Macworld favorite Adam Engst hosted the presentation, Joe Kissell was the featured presenter, and Steve reports that Adam also provided a wonderful list of additional resources on his Google+ page:


Thanks to TidBITS for this timely presentation. For more than 20 years Adam, Tanya and the team have provided a wealth of information for the community and we are in their debt.

Enjoy TidBITS

Visit MacPioneers and read their iCloud guide.

But Wait – There’s More!

Vendor Coordinator Tom Piper and the members of the Apple User Group Advisory Board have put together a resource sheet for groups moving from MobileMe or iDisk to iCloud.

MobileMe-Lion Transitions

Thanks to Tom, Steve, Adam and Joe for these wonderful resources!

Thanks to Steve welsh for the update and info as well.