This month’s milestones include two groups who first met as early as 1978. Happy anniversary to some of our oldest groups and a few newer ones too! Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to

May 1978 – Houston Area Apple Users Group
(Congrats to Apple User Group Advisory Board member Rex Covington and members of HAAUG.)

May 1978 – Louisville Computer Society
(Formerly Louisville Apple Users Group)

May 1984 – New Orleans Macintosh User Group (NOMUG)

May 1984 – MacPeople – Gainsville Macintosh Users Group

May 1984 – Portland Macintosh Users Group
(Greetings to Ambassador Charles DeVore and members of PMUG.)

May 1984 – Princeton Macintosh Users’ Group
(Co-founded by Philip Thompson, father of User Group Advisory Board member Elsa Travisano)

May 1985 – MacValley Users Group
(Greetings to Ambassador Ray Boston.)

May 1989 – Main Line Macintosh Users Group
(Greetings to Ambassador Moe Comeau, Apple User Group Liaison Maria Arguello and members of MLM.)

May 1998 – Caracas Macintosh Users Group
(Sending a warm hello to Apple User Group Regional Liaison Julio Ohep, past President Amaya Gergoff and members of Caracas MUG.)

May 1999 – MacLaw
(Congrats to Rob Blau, Ted Burton and members.)