This month’s milestones include two groups who first met as early as 1978. Happy anniversary to some of our oldest groups and some newer ones too! Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to

1978: Maryland Apple Corps
(Warm wishes to the MDAPPLE team.)

1978: The Minnesota Apple Computer User Group
(Congratulations to Membership Director Les Anderson, long time Ambassador Bruce Thompson and the members of Minnesota’s Mini’app’les.)

1980: Apple-Dayton

1980: Rhode Island Apple Group
(Hi to Editor John Gentile and members.)

1985: San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group
(Greetings to members and officers of SGVMUG.)

1991: Maui Apple Users Society
(Sending warm wishes to Apple User Group Advisory Board member and MAUIMAC President Rick Ortiz, MAUIMAC Webmaster and Frontierland Pro Chris Saribay and members of MAUIMAC.)

1992: MacNorth Computer Club
(Thanks very much to Ambassador Ray Conroy for this tip.)

1995: InterMactivity
(Congratulations to Frederik De Pauw, Algemene Coordinatie,
and members of InterMac.)

1997: MacAttorney
(Greetings to UGU presenter, MacBible author and MacAttorney founder Randy Singer.)

2001: Indonesia Macintosh Society
(Thanks to President Dirgayuza Setiawan – check out the group’s great intro video.)

2002:, Deutschlands