This month’s Milestones includes three groups who first met in 1979 – 34 years of fun, family and tech. Happy anniversary to a worldwide list of some of our oldest groups. Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to

1979 Houston Area Apple Users Group

(Congrats to Rex Covington, Doug Smith, Jeff Davis, Rick Roberts and the officers and members of HAAUG.)

1979 AppleCore of Memphis, Inc.

(sending a tip of the hat to Brent Wheeler and the members of AppleCore Memphis.)

1979 South Australian Apple Users’ Club Inc.
(Congrats to Marie Good and members of SAAUC.)

1984 Sierra Nevada Apple User Group
(Greetings to SNAG Ambassador and former Apple User Group Advisory Board member Del Missier.)

1985 Mountain View Computer Users Group
(Congrats to MVCUG President and author John Buono and the members of MVCMUG.)

1989 Prescott Mac User Group (Arizona)

(Sending a shout out to Art Gorski, Apple Ambassador Ward Stanke and members of PMUG.)

1992 History and Macintosh Society
(Greetings to Advisory Board member and Long-time List Editor Marc Bizer.)

1995 MacApple Users of San Antonio

(Congrats to Nathan Lott, original member and founder Ilene Devlin, and group members.)