For more than 20 years Michael Horton, founder of the LA Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG), has brought storytellers together. In fact, over the last twenty years, Michael, leading LAPCUG, produced 220 events (WOW!). He started the LA Final Cut Pro group in 2000, was instrumental in groups moving from a single tool to a focus on the greater creative pro community, and was a co-founder of the CPUG Network and their SuperMeets. Over the past few years, there have been wildly popular SuperMeets in London, Austin, Amsterdam, San Jose, Boston and San Francisco, each with its World Famous Raffle and each offering another opportunity to enhance the lives and expand the networks of creatives across the world.

Congrats to Michael – The creative community are glad you are planning to stay on for at least one more year!

Michael Horton Lifetime Achievement Award at NAB 2019

Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group

Attend a SuperMeet

(Photo taken from the award announcement.)