Have you ever wondered why some videos are amazing while others feel like traditional family vacation shots? If so, your group might enjoy three new sessions from Today at Apple. Better yet, Apple has resumed on-site sessions in some locations. So, your group is able to either attend a virtual session or, in some locations, an on-site presentation.

What’s on offer? Video Walk: Manipulating Time, where attendees can learn how to add energy to videos by manipulating time. For example, your members can learn how to bring drama to a moment using Slo-mo or capture a sunrise with time-lapse or hyperlapse. The on site sessions let attendees collaborate with others to set up and practice different shot types on location. Art Walk: Drawing from Observation, where attendees can learn how being mindful of people, objects, or places in their  surroundings will help them add interesting details to their drawings. Better yet, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil devices will be provided for on-site sessions. Finally, Photo Skills: Photography on iPhone can help any iPhone user increase their photographing skills. 

Whether your sessions are remote or on-site, Today at Apple offers techniques to make your projects their best.