Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Web (ASW) and Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASW and ASTO have it all.

This month, ASW keeps you current on the latest and greatest Apple products, including an October 13th ready-to-go presentation on the newest iMac and a “Then and Now” comparison for how the iMac has changed over multiple iterations (L519829A-en_US and L519831A-en_US), an October 13th First Look covering Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 (L543101A-en_US), and even a look ahead to the Beats Pill+ (L543093A-en_US).

Ambassadors: October is a great month to check out ASTO and ASW!

Apple Sales Web