Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Web (ASW) and Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASW and ASTO have it all.

This month, take a look at the “Everything changes with iPad” campaign, highlighting how iPad—together with incredible apps from the App Store—can change the way users can do what’s important to them every day. Go to ASW and click on the Quick Training button to see what’s on offer.

Topics include:

  • Quick Training: Traveling with iPad
  • Quick Training: Small Business with iPad
  • Quick Training: Shoot, Edit, and Share Your Photos with iPad
  • Quick Training: Redecorating with iPad
  • Quick Training: Explore the World of Music on iPad
  • Quick Training: Discover New Ways to Use the Cameras on iPad
  • Quick Training: Cooking with iPad

Ambassadors: January is a great month to check out ASTO and ASW!

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