If your group is looking for an interesting meeting, why not try one of the current Apple in-store workshops? There are topics for everyone, from newbies to long-time users, and the workshops are free. Use the links at the bottom of this article to locate the workshops in your area.

Along with introductory-level workshops for people who are new to iPad, Apple Watch, or iMac, here are a few of the topics on offer in January:

  • Discover Apple Music

Explore Apple Music. Discover new music, artists, and genres through favorites, curated playlists, Beats 1, and more.

  • iPhone Photography

Learn how to capture and share stunning photos with your iPhone, including how to compose a shot, edit with the Photos app, and share your snaps.

  • iPhone Videography

Inspiring, feature-length films have been shot on iPhone. Learn how to use your iPhone to capture your best moments on video.

  • Perfect Your Photos on Mac

From quick fixes to fine adjustments, explore the key elements of great photo editing with the Photos app for Mac.

  • Edit Your Movies on Mac with iMovie

Explore the fundamentals of movie editing with iMovie. Learn how to set up your story, fine-tune footage, and share your movie with the world.

  • Share Your Ideas with Keynote for Mac

Keynote for Mac makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations. Learn how to build, collaborate on, and present amazing slides.