Need a presentation for your group’s next meeting? Ask your group’s ambassador about Apple Sales Web (ASW) and Apple Sales Training Online (ASTO). From prepackaged demos to Apple materials that you can use to create customized presentations, ASW and ASTO have it all.

This month, why not check out an ASW presentation on the newest iPhones (L518920A-en_US), iPad Pro – First Look (L542412A-en_US) and Apple TV (3rd Generation) – First Look (L513212A-en_US), all published in the last week, so that you know the information is the current. ASTO even offers quick overviews that can be a “value add” to any meeting. For example, consider showingQuick Training: Cooking with iPad (L540977A-en_US ) at your next meeting. It cover the benefits of using an iPad in the kitchen.

Ambassadors: September is a great month to check in with ASW and ASTO!

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