Hamrick Software was founded in 1991 by Ed Hamrick who wanted to find a way to produce better quality scans with his scanner. He found a great solution, initially helping over 100,000 users. With over 400,000 users and nineteen years of experience, VueScan is the world’s most widely used 3rd party scanning software. In fact, MacWorld UK nominated it for Best Imaging Software a few years back. A quick look at their reviews and testimonials lets you know that the product is something special. Better yet, VueScan now supports over 2,500 scanners.

Get a $10 (US) discount if you visit VueScan and purchase within 24 hours. Why not use VueScan as your group’s next meeting topic by using the resources below?  Best of all, they have a special license offer for user groups worldwide – found in this month’s Leaders section.

Technical overview:


User Guide:

Installing and using ViewScan:

Doing a Scan

A look at ViewScan Pro:

Hamrick Software is willing to do a limited number of remote demonstrations. Check out this month’s Leader Offers for more information.