Plum Amazing is a group of people who are both skilled in, and very enthusiastic about, technology. Although their team members are dispersed around the world, they work together on a variety of projects that benefit users in amazing ways. You probably have heard great reviews about a number of their products, including X-Mirage that mirrors iOS devices on your Mac, Speech Maker that provides a mobile teleprompter on your iOS device and more, iWatermark to protect your creations, and so many more highly-reviewed applications. They offer applications to fit any budget and solutions to many everyday challenges.

This month’s meeting plan starts with product overviews for each of their software offerings, linked from their home page:

Here are short videos and information pages for a number of their products:

iWatermark Pro Video Reviews

SpeechMaker information page

SpeechMaker Video Review

Natural Cures Slide Show

Y Type Demonstration (scroll down the page)

X Mirage Information Page and Product Video

Better yet, Plum Amazing has provided an excellent 30% discount offer for your members – a way to round out the meeting. You can find the user group password for all listed vendor offers in each month’s Apple User Group Bulletin and the Plum Amazing at:

Their products include inexpensive applications for OSX, iOS and Android devices. Some of their most popular products are  iWatermark, X-Mirage, CopyPaste Pro, PixelStick, PhotoMatte, iClock, iKey, TinyAlarm, yType, Time Tracking, TinyCal, MountWatcher, SpeechMaker, iWatermark, Expenses, Cures A-Z, StreamKit, Yoga Sutras.