March sees groups whose first meeting convened as long ago as March of 1979, showing that when Apple groups have a good thing going it lasts.

Visit these web sites to see the members and activities that contribute to their longevity and success.

1979 AUSOM Incorporated

(Congrats to Nicholas Pyers and members of this vibrant and long standing group.

1982 Lockheed Martin Macintosh Users Group

(Hello to President Todd Ferguson and Lockheed members whose dedication is amazing.)

1984 Apple Users Group of Canterbury Inc.

(Best wishes to President Nigel Cooper and members.)

1985 MacBruger

(Congratulations to Karen Seirson and members.)

1985 Nashville Mac Users

(Sending a country shout out for their 25 years of service.)

1987 Hong Kong Macintosh User Group
(Be sure to check out the video on their home page!)

(Happy anniversary to Chairman Blanco Siu, Vice Chairman Hason Pang and members.)

1991 TEAM Francophone

(A warm hello to President Olivier Maissin, VP Benoît Squelin, Secretary Vincent Dupont, Treasurer Luc Viatour, Guy Robben and Thierry Ligot.)

1994 Santa Fe Macintosh User Group

(Many thanks to President Giuseppe Quinn for this tip!)

2008 Aperture Users Professional Network

(Greetings to Ambassador David Schloss.)