The pandemic brought a halt to many activities, but the members and officers of the Saginaw Michigan Users Group (SMUG) and Mac-in-Awe MUG (MIAMUG) groups are keeping their MacCamp tradition alive via Zoom. True, attendees will miss the beautiful scenery and face-to-face hands-on fun of past years, but members and  guests will still join together to create an energy-rich atmosphere for fun, learning and sharing. The event is a long-standing project of the two groups, who alternate MacCamp locations: November’s MacCamp is usually held in Midland. Congrats to the volunteers who ensure that each MacCamp is one to remember. The groups each have over 34 years of community, sharing and fun. Better yet, both groups still have original members on their rosters.


Mac-in-Awe MUG

Saginaw Macintosh Users Group