The officers and members of Macat TW, Taiwan’s Mac User Group, will be holding a special meeting event on September 9 at the Kaohsiung Business Office Center in Kaohsiung City. The event will bring together attendees from both north and south for speaker sessions, networking, a vegetarian lunch, trainings, a raffle containing more than $2,500 (US) in prizes and even a secret guest speaker.  From Final Cut Pro to Filemaker Pro and iDevices, if you are an Apple fan, this is wonderful opportunity to share enthusiasm for Apple products, learn about new vendors and network with a fun filled crowd of enthusiasts.

Register for the Apple User Group Meeting in Kaohsiung 2012.

Learn about Macat TW (The site provides some great pictures of the group as well).

Visit Macat TW on Facebook.

(Special thanks to P.R. Ambassador HeChien Hsu for this great tip!)