The London Mac User Group (LMUG) has an interesting feature for group meetings: in the NewsByte section of their meetings, a designated member presents all the Apple news of interest since their last meeting, helping members stay informed. This month, the club took part in the London International Technology Show, with a booth devoted to the group, a main stage presentation by Paul Kercal devoted to iPad art and a “Mac Hall of Fame” section that included computers owned by group members. Thanks to Karl Madden, Bill Brockbank, Kevin Clark, Arron Claydon, Michael Corgan, Robert Cox, Judy Feasey, Terry Figg, Paul Foster, Alan Herbert, Toby Herbert, Tina Jacobs, Andy Leigh, Chris Mahon, Laurie North, Esmond Pickering, Giles Powell, Elizabeth Shaw, Tim Simmons, Drew Straughan, Peter Tucker, Rodney Walshaw, Jim Warham, Gepke Warham, Fabio Zimbalatti, and others the event was a success!

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