eltimaEltima is a software company that features great solutions, created in response to a demand from users who want the best in file synchronization, bulk image editing, file sharing, file managing and so much more. You have probably used their SyncMate to sync all of your devices to your Mac, or played media using Eltima’s Elmedia Player. Their Airy is a YouTube downloader and PhotoBulk offers an easy way to edit images in bulk. Need to recover a pdf password or back up your iCloud drive? Eltima has you covered.

Why not feature Eltima software for your next meeting presentation? Their Mac offerings increase productivity, are easy to use, and cover a wide range of tasks.

This provides an overview of Eltima products:


Typeeto: remote full size Bluetooth keyboard for Mac:


Sync Mac with Android & iOS, online storages, Windows services, etc.:


Elmedia player for Mac:


And more…


Better yet, Eltima is offering a special discount for the next three months, so you can get a great deal on their great software!