owc-slider Many user group members know Other World Computing (OWC) as a long-time supporter of User Group University. OWC is known for excellence in products, creativity, innovation, a demonstrated respect for the community, and a history of participation in its growth. Your group members may have purchased their first hard drives from OWC or even bought memory chips back in 1989. Still, did you know that OWC is remarkable for their dedication to the environment, creating one of the greenest buildings in the country (LEED certified Platinum status)? From a building that is 100% wind powered, to state-of-the-art recycling, to a geothermal-powered HVAC system that uses less energy and creates healthier air for employees, to a parking lot paved with permeable interlocking paving bricks, and even using green janitorial supplies throughout, OWC leads the way as they have for almost 30 years.

Keep an out eye each month: their special offers will change monthly. 

Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988 and features one of the largest online catalogs of computer, iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® enhancement products through its e-commerce portal www.macsales.com. As a member of the Apple Developer Program, OWC also provides extensive US based technical support for Macintosh users around the world.

This month they have provided resources that can help you plan a meeting presentation featuring Other World Computing.

Mac Upgrades Made Easy with Other World Computing:


Installation Made Easy:


Ars Technica article on OWC’s green building practices:


Other World Computing’s Think Green Page


Better yet, they are offering an amazing discount program for your members. The offer can be found in the Special Offers with Codes page on this blog, at https://www.appleusergroupresources.com/special-offers-with-codes/

While the password is sent out each month in the Apple User Group Bulletin, the offer is restricted to user group members. Please do not pass the code to people who do not belong to a recognized Apple user group.