In the fall of 1987, Yuan Ho and Seth Schneider met in a local Palo Alto, CA, Apple Computer dealer store, starting with shared interests in Macintosh computers, international topics and translation, and later obtaining sponsorship from Standford University to start the Stanford Macintosh User Group International Special Interest Group.

Over time members changed and the group’s name changed too, but the group’s international focus stayed the same. A love of Apple products stayed the same as well. This month’s meeting, on October 17 at the Google campus, is titled Cloud-based Translation Management Systems for Start-Up LSPs and Freelancer Groups, showing both their tradition of attention to current technologies and their reliance on the group’s roots. Congrats to the International Multilingual User Group (IMUG) for 26 years of computing!

Check them out.

Visit their archives, showing a bit of the group’s past.