Does your group have an Apple User Group Ambassador? Not sure or maybe your group needs to update its information or assign a new ambassador. If any of this applies to your group, or you are a current ambassador and want to refresh on what resources are available, then read on.

What is an Apple User Group Ambassador?
Apple User Group Ambassador is the role assigned to one individual from each recognized Apple User Group in the Apple User Group Locator (database). Leaders from each user group choose a member from their group who will serve in this role. The Ambassador for the group serves as the link and primary contact to the Apple User Group program. A summary and downloadable PDF version of this article can be found here.

What benefits does your user group receive from having an Apple User Group Ambassador?

  • Apple Sales Web (ASW) – ASW provides Ambassadors with access to the latest Apple product in- formation, PDF printouts, and Keynote presentation resources that you can integrate into your meetings. To create an ASW Ambassador account submit a support ticket with your user groups name and Ambassador contact information.
  • Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB) – A monthly newsletter for user group leaders with a summary of the latest news, vendor discount offers and announcements for the Apple User Group community.
  • Apple User Group Discussion List (AUGD) – An Apple email discussion list where you can ask questions and interact with other user group leaders from around the world.
  • User Group How-To Articles – These are topics specifically geared towards leaders in assisting them with their user group.
  • User Group Vendor Discount Offers – Short-term discounts on new and proven products offered exclusively to user group leaders and members.

For more information on the benefits listed above, click on the topic item and you will be linked to the appropriate website.

What are your responsibilities as an Apple User Group Ambassador?


  • Apple User Group Discussion List – Read, participate, share and stay informed by the daily discussion with other Apple User Group leaders.
  • Check the Apple User Group Resources website for meeting ideas, how-to’s, and vendor offers.
  • Check Apple Sales Web for new product information and resources for your meeting.


  • Apple User Group Bulletin – Read the monthly Bulletin, and share and redistribute the appropriate information to your user group’s leaders and members. Make sure that the Vendor Offers are passed along to your members. Discount codes are distributed through the monthly AUGB newsletter and should not be distributed publicly – please password protect them if you post them on your group’s site or discussion board.


  • Make sure your user group information is correct in the Apple User Group Locator. Update newly elected group leaders, meet- ing information, website info, emails, etc. This will ensure that individuals seeking out groups in your area will receive accurate information. Pass on all information to newly elected Ambassadors.