Part of having a successful user group is having great content to present at meetings. Some groups are able to get guest speakers, products demonstrations, and even remote presentations. But for some groups that is not always logistically possible. Last month we featured Apple podcasts, Today at Apple, and Apple Sales Web, three incredible resources to help groups create enjoyable meetings and educate members. This month we will look at a fourth great resource, the Apple Teacher program. You don’t have to be a teacher to sign up, and each educational activity is paired with a badge you can earn and display. Earn eight badges for either iPad or Mac, and you achieve Apple Teacher status, including access to Swift Playgrounds, a free app for first-time coders featuring Learn to Code and lessons that make getting started fun and interactive. Provided resources include Apple Teacher Starter Guide books, online help and Apple Store workshops.

Signing up is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account. (You do not need to use an Apple email address to create an account – select other if you are not a K-12 or college teacher.)
  3. Receive a welcome email that introduces you to the Apple Teacher Learning Center.
  4. Select Badges for iPad or Badges for Mac.
  5. Use the User Guides and provided resources to increase your skills.
  6. Take the quiz.
  7. If you earn an 80% or better on the quiz, earn a badge.
  8. Display your badges.
  9. Earn 8 badges and gain access to additional materials, including the Swift Playground App.