On January 6, 2004, the Macintosh was a few days over 20 years old and Steve Jobs had exciting news: Apple had a new type of software, called GarageBand, and a new format for the iPod, an iPod Mini with a huge 4GB of storage. How would we ever fill all that space? With this month’s release of the newest version of GarageBand, it seems like a great time to remember its introduction, with John Mayer performing and Steve Jobs explaining the ways that it would open a world of possibilities.


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On a related note, Bryan Chaffin of the Mac Observer (TMO) wrote a column on Apple Keynotes last fall, pointing out that NotesKey offers a wonderful reference for every Apple Keynote from January 1997 through the recent September 7, 2016, event. The fun part is that the reference can be sorted by people (for example, the people category has a long list that includes people from Lisa Jackson and Avie Tevanian to Jonny Ive, or you can sort by only women presenters), products, and miscellaneous, such as one more thing, which days of the week the event was held, location, and even swearing (?). Click on the resulting links and you move to a page covering that event, including best joke at each event and musical offerings.

What a neat resource! Hats off to Bryan for this great find!

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