For over 28 years, FileMaker has given us the tools we need to efficiently store, manage, retrieve, and analyze data. With the new FileMaker 13 platform, FileMaker provides an elegant solution to the challenge of providing access in a connected world. Simply put, data is far less useful when it is hard to access. FileMaker Web Direct, new in FileMaker 13, offers database access via the end user’s HTML5 compliant browser and administrative control via an HML5 console – no web development skills or coding required. In addition to the custom themes, built-in themes and starter solutions found in the previous version, FM13 offers styles, a way to provide a consistent look and feel: change a style and the change is instantly reflected across all content.

Secure? AES 256-bit encryption is paired with a new visual encryption state indicator, showing when a connection is validated by a third-party certificate and indicating when a connection is secure. Better yet, the platform provides excellent cross-platform functionality, iOS script steps, Script Triggers and functions designed specifically for iPhone and iPad, features to support iOS solution creation and the same ease-of-use and strong support for industry standards that has been a hallmark of the software for the past 28 years.

Users can purchase FileMaker 13 as a subscription, priced from $9.00 (US) to $ 29.00 (US) per month, or a standard software license or server connection package with pricing based on level and version. FileMaker Go for iOS is available from ITunes as a free app. (… And did I mention that there are over 50 other new features?)

Check it out!

Sandy F.