Festive-Celebrations-Disc-Label.001-150x150 Nicholas Pyers wrote today to say that he had been informed that one file on the Festive Celebrations disk contains malware. He is fixing the file and will republish the disk within 24 hours. In the meantime, there are two ways to resolve the problem with the file:

1) Delete the current Disc Image and wait for the updated version to be released.

2) Remove the offending file from within the Disc Image.

  • To remove the file:
    • Mount the Disc Image
    • Open the “Festive Fun Volume II” folder
    • Open the “Christmas Applications” folder
    • DELETE the file “Holidock v1.0”
    • EMPTY THE TRASH on your Mac
    • CLOSE the “Christmas Applications” window
    • CLOSE the “Festive Fun Volume II” window
    • Unmount the Disc Image
    • Rename the Disc Image to “Festive Celebrations v1.01.dmg”