Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland are the team who create Flexibits products, apps that are flexible and enjoyable. Their popular Fantastical 2 is a smart, convenient and flexible calendar that uses natural language processes for creating new calendars and provides a CalDAV engine for adding your iCloud, Google, and Yahoo calendars (and others). Their Chatology helps users find their chats instantly.  What sets Flexibits apart? A major focus of Flexibits products is removing frustration, making users lives better and more productive. 

fantastical-logoInterested in using Flexibits’ Fantastical 2 for a group meeting? The link below will take you to a set of resources that can be used for a presentation. The set includes an overview, how to create calendar sets, connecting calendars, adding events and reminders, and much more. Be sure to check out this month’s Flexibits Leaders’ Offer for additional resources. 



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