Robert A. Donaldson, Charlie Hutchens, Rich Fitzgibbon, John Hamill, Peter Carras, Jon Smith, Judy Schall, Dhundi Pokhrel, Heather Schall Lucas, Dave Sevick, David Szymanski, Aidan Honnold and other helpful hands are among the volunteers and user group helpers who meet each Friday through Computer Reach to provide a much-needed service to the Pittsburgh community and the world beyond.

Aside from filling local needs in the Pittsburgh area, when natural disasters strike, volunteers place second-hand computers in grateful hands, including recipients in Mississippi, Louisana, and Texas. Internationally, the volunteers have made a difference by providing recycled computers to places where second-hand computers are highly sought and appreciated, including sites in Malaysia, parts of Africa, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Have they made a difference? Since the program started, they have re-imaged and refurbished over 4,378 Macs for reuse. Wow!

Volunteer with Computer Reach in Pittsburgh.

Learn about the pghMac’s program.

Visit the County of Westmoreland Macintosh User Group.